Program Planning & Evaluation Services for Community Organisations

Program Planning & Evaluation Services for Community Organisations

Demonstrate your program’s value. Tell your story with clarity and evidence.

Are you looking for a more evidence based, comprehensive approach to planning and evaluating your programs and initiatives? One that demonstrates impact and translates your vision into outcomes? We can help.   

TJB Solutions offers specialised planning and evaluation services to help community organisations deliver more effective program design and evaluation, and ultimately more targetted programs.

Why you need to plan for an evaluation

Community and Not-for-Profit organisations (NFPs) are now in an increasingly competitive market for funding and being asked to justify and explain how an investment in their organisation will deliver value for their stakeholders and the wider community, or lose funding.

Program Managers are struggling to collect  both quantitative and qualitative data efficiently that can be translated into useful information to inform decision making, future planning and funding proposals. Often community organisations find themselves collecting lots of ‘easy to collect’ data rather than the data  that will provide the information needed to tell their project’s story and demonstrate its true impact.

Planning and Impact Evaluation services

We work with Program Managers in Community/Not-for-Profit organisations across all sectors. Our role is to help you demonstrate your project’s value to current and future funders. We do this by using a suite of recognised tools and techniques, based on Proect Logic, that can be targeted to  your specific program.

Our process considers and plans for evaluation and data collection from the beginning of a project, rather than at the end.

We also help you document your data and insights into a usable evaluation report for program funders, potential funders and marketing purposes.

Evaluation Planning can help you:

  • Collect relevant and useful data to create more informed evaluation reports
  • Confidently demonstrate social impact and outcomes
  • Save time and money by collecting the right data at the right time
  • Deliver quality and timely information to properly inform program reviews

What we bring to your project

  • Value for money
  • Knowledgeable insight of government context, processes and stakeholders
  • Professional and personal service
  • Practical, usable documentation and advice
  • Collaborative and tailored approach to suit your team
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